Frequently Asked Questions about the Bloom Report

FAQ: Is the Bloom Report free to me?
Answer: YES! While we require you to register in order to gain access to some pages on the WebSite, once you do so, you are a part of our "toy business family" and you will have access to all sections of the Bloom Report. On each visit to the Bloom Report you will be prompted for your Username and Password (that you create during the registration process) in order to sign-in to the Bloom Report.
FAQ: What if I forget or misplace my Username and/or Password? How do I get them again so I can continue viewing all areas of the Bloom Report?
Answer: After registering, if you ever misplace or forget your Username and/or Password, you can request them by clicking the link in the Sign-In area of our homepage. They will automatically be emailed to you (usually within minutes).
FAQ: How can you publish the Bloom Report and maintain the WebSite for free?
Answer: Believe me, it ain't easy! But seriously, it's a labor of love and respect for an industry that we have been involved with for over 40 years. And we do get "listing support" from manufacturers, organizations, companies, and individuals, who recognize our ability to reach our industry's key executives through the Bloom Report. There are also modest charges for some types of classified advertising.
FAQ: What do I need in order to see the Bloom Report?
Answer: A valid e-mail address, a connection to the Internet, and registration at our WebSite.
FAQ: Can I get access to the Bloom Report at home, at work, or while I travel?
Answer: That's what makes the Bloom Report WebSite so great! All the news and information is available to you all the time, no matter where you are. You are able to view the Bloom Report at any computer, anywhere, that is connected to the Internet by putting our WebSite address (URL), www.theBloomReport.com into the browser's address box and then signing in with your Username and Password.
FAQ: I am located in a country (or traveling to a country) outside of the United States. Can I have access to the Bloom Report?
Answer: Yes…anyone, anywhere, has access as long as they are registered, have a valid e-mail address and have access to the Internet.
FAQ: What about the information I gave to the Bloom Report when I registered…what do you do with it?
Answer: Any information that you gave to us remains totally confidential and is for our records only. We require some basic information from you to validate that you are a part of our industry. We do however, accumulate the number of subscribers in each business category (retailers, manufacturers, distributors, inventors, etc.), and may furnish that aggregate information (number of subscribers in each class) to advertisers, sponsors, and others. Individual information is never released to anyone without your permission!
FAQ: I need to change some of the information I gave you when I registered. How can I do that?
Answer: Send us an e-mail to philip@theBloomReport.com with the information you want to change and we'll change it within 24 hours (and confirm the change to you). Be sure to include your name and e-mail address in your e-mail so we can locate you in our database in order to process the changes.
FAQ: How do I get to where the Bloom Report resides on the Internet?
Answer: The Internet WebSite address (URL) for the Bloom Report is www.theBloomReport.com, and the report can be accessed by putting this URL in the "web browser address box" and the Bloom Report home page will load into your browser. Sign in with your Username and Password and enjoy the latest and the greatest.
FAQ: When I am in the Bloom Report and I "click" on a "link", a new browser window opens. Why does this new browser window open?
Answer: This is a legal thing. When we give you a "link" from within the Bloom Report, we are sending you to another source's WebSite. It is not legal for us to show that WebSite's contents within "our window"...you must actually be taken to that WebSite to view that WebSite's contents in a new window. Once you are in this new window, you can follow any "links" in that window and can use your "back" and :"forward" buttons as usual. To return to the Bloom Report, simply close the window you were taken to. The easiest way to go to the "links" in the Bloom Report, is "click" on a "link", view the story in the new window, close the new window to come back to the Bloom Report, "click" on another "link", etc. This new window also allows for a greater page-viewing area for you.
FAQ: How often is the Bloom Report updated and when will I be able to see the latest "good stuff" you always tell us is there?
Answer: Anytime you visit the Bloom Report WebSite, "links" for the past seven publishing days will be posted. And each "link" will be in a section showing the date it was posted. The most current posting dates will be listed first to make it easier for you to keep up with all that's new and important. As we continually post new "links" several times during each publishing day, every time you visit the WebSite, all the latest news and information will be there for you to view. We suggest that you visit often to stay up to date with all the latest news and information.
FAQ: Sometimes when I visit the Bloom Report WebSite, I see an old edition - not the new one that is supposed to be there. Why does this happen and how can I fix it?
Answer: Without getting technical (we can't, and you wouldn't want us to), this is caused by your browser retrieving the page from cache (a memory section on your computer which may have the old WebPage in it), rather than from our server which has the newest edition of the WebPage. If this happens, "click" on the "Reload" button in the Netscape browser, or the "Refresh" button in the Microsoft Explorer browser. This instructs your browser to make a trip to the Internet to get the new edition from our server.