About Us...who we are and what we are trying to do!

Mission Statement

Recognizing the importance of disseminating news and information about the toy industry "as it happens", the Bloom Report attempts to deliver this information to toy executives representing all categories of businesses in the toy industry (or related to it) throughout the world on a "business daily" basis.

the Bloom Report will evolve into a "home on the Internet" for information and news, industry resources, and a forum for use by all those associated with the industry who are subscribers to the WebSite.

While news coverage of the many public companies in the industry is a major part of the Bloom Report, we will also attempt to publish news releases and information on, and about, the many smaller nonpublic companies (retail, manufacturing, distributor, representative, importer, and others) that make up a very large and important part of the toy industry. We will actively solicit all the news relevant to the industry, and encourage you and your company to use the Bloom Report as a way to communicate with others in the industry.

The Bloom Report is a free Internet Website (with registration), and does not charge for publishing your news and information. There are however, charges for certain kinds of listing activities and classified advertising which are outlined on the various pages. Your company's support in these areas will help keep this important Industry WebSite, free to the trade.

Publisher's Credentials & History

Philip Bloom, publisher of the Bloom Report and President of Philip A Bloom & Associates began his career in the 1950's working in an early version of a discount store. Graduating from The University of Toledo, he continued to work for retail mass merchants and progressed through store management and then into various buying and merchandising positions. As he became specialized in toys, seasonal, and sporting goods, a lifelong love of retail and the toy business continued.

The growth of the then fledgling discount store industry presented opportunities to add toy wholesaling and toy importing to his skills. As the toy business began to come into its own in the 1970's, he joined Children's Bargaintown in Chicago, one of the two regional toy retailers who eventually became Toys "R" Us. He then moved to Circus World Toy Stores in Detroit as Senior Vice President and General Merchandise Manager during the chain's growth years and was instrumental in the growth of the company from 9 to 150 stores. Seeing an entrepreneurial opportunity, he then moved to the New York area to become President of Toy Retailers, Inc., New Jersey operators of leased toy and sporting goods departments. While there, he developed the concept of retailing children's clothing in a combination store environment with toys as the company opened several Children's Choice stores in regional shopping malls.

As "big box" retailing flourished in the 1980's, in the concept pioneered by Charles Lazurus of Toys "R" Us, he rejoined Toys "R" Us in 1983 in the merchandising/purchasing division. When Toys "R" Us made the commitment to go forward with an International division, Bloom was appointed Vice-President of Merchandising, where he pioneered the merchandising initiatives in the first ten Toys "R" Us International countries (including the entry into Japan). It was during this period that he was able to broaden his outlook on both the toy business and international retailing.

In 1998, Bloom retired from a fifteen year career (nearly 20, if you count his earlier stint in the Toys "R" Us Chicago predecessor company) at Toys "R" Us, and created Philip A. Bloom & Associates, a consulting firm that specializes in toy retailing and manufacturing consulting on a global basis. In addition, Bloom has become active in SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives), a volunteer organization sponsored by the U. S. Government Small Business Administration that counsels small businesses.

And that's how the Bloom Report came about. Bloom, who began to use the (what was then, new) Internet, started to send his Philip A. Bloom & Associates and SCORE clients, articles of interest that he would find on the Internet. Soon, he was getting requests from others in his longtime network of friends and business associates to add them to the list of those receiving the articles. He then found that the need to organize the "news" into a more formal newsletter and entitled it the Bloom Report. It became a business-daily e-mail newsletter of the latest toy news and information, along with Bloom's insightful comments and occasional editorials. As the subscriber base continued to increase, Bloom decided that moving it to the Internet would allow the newsletter to continue to grow and better provide the news and information that was important to those in the toy business (and related to it). And that's where it now resides...as a free subscription Internet based service to the industry.