Legal "Stuff"

Privacy and Confidentiality:

Subscribers to the Bloom Report always have their e-mail addresses, names, and all other information that was furnished during the registration process, completely protected. We consider this information confidential and do not sell this information, nor do we disclose or release it to anyone without your permission.

We do however, accumulate the number of subscribers in each business category (retailers, manufacturers, distributors, inventors, etc.), and may furnish that aggregate information to advertisers, sponsors, and others.



The publishers of the Bloom Report search for, and compile links to, URLs on the internet for inclusion in the Bloom Report and take no responsibility for their content or their accuracy.

From time to time, the publishers of the Bloom Report may comment or editorialize about the news and information included in the Bloom Report or on other topics of interest to the toy trade. We do take responsibility for these comments and editorials, as they represent our thoughts and opinions, and are expressed as such.