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Playtime Sales & Marketing-Seeking New Product Lines for US and Canada

posted March 1, 2019: Playtime Sales & Marketing...A Toy Manufacturers Sales Representative:

Playtime Sales & Marketing Co. LLC
A Toy Manufacturers Sales Representative
Corporate Office:
331 Piermont Road | Norwood, New Jersey 07648
TEL: 201.784.7727 | FAX: 201.784.1912
E Mails: - Murray Bass: | Len Soyka:
Caroll Leeman:

The Playtime Sales & Marketing Company, LLC is a Toy and Electronics Manufacturers sales representative organization. Our prime focus is to represent Toy and Electronics Manufacturers to the Mass Market Retailers. The principals of our Company are Len Soyka and Murray Bass. Our only vocation has been in the Toy Industry and each of us has been independently successful as toy sales people. Due to the changing climate of the Toy Industry, and business conditions in general, it made sense for us to join forces. During January, 2003, we formed Playtime Sales & Marketing Co.

  • The services we provide include:
  • Detailed product and program knowledge
  • Timely presentation to retail buyers
  • Timely follow-up and follow-through
  • Excellent communications
  • Attendance at Sales Meetings and Shows
  • Monitoring of retail PO
Our geographical areas of sales coverage include:
  • NEW ENGLAND…Connecticut North to Maine and Upstate N.Y. - Accounts…CVS Drug | BJ’s Wholesale Club | Benny’s | TJ Maxx
  • N.Y. METRO…New York, New Jersey, and Southern Connecticut - Accounts…Toys R Us and their DOTCOM and Global Divisions | Toys R Us Express | Xmas Tree Shops | Burlington Coat Factory | Buy Buy Baby | Harmon Drug | Party City | Bed, Bath and Beyond | National Wholesale | L&R Distributors | Hudson News | Cititrends | Macy's Backstage | Ross Stores| dd's Stores | Barnes and Noble | Beall's | Cracker Barrell and the NY area Supermarket Stores
  • MID-LANTIC…Pennsylvania, Wash D.C., Northern Virginia, Western Ohio, Michigan - Accounts…Flat River | Distribution Solutions | 5 Below | Rite Aid | Group Sales | Boscov’s | Dollar Tree Stores | Variety Wholesale | Dollar General | Joannes | Big Lots.
  • NATIONAL...K mart | Target | Walmart | | Universal Studios Orlando
  • CANADA…Walmart | Toys R Us | Canadian Tire | Costco
  • U.S.A...National Sales Management
  • INTERNATIONL SALES...Europe, Middle East, Australia, South Africa, All Toys R Us Franchises around the world
  • We employ a sales force that includes three dedicated, professional sales specialists
    to assist us with sales coverage in New England. New York City, New Jersey and Canada.
  • The manufacturers that we represent have the assurance of knowing that their company and products will
    get the time, effort, and exposure necessary to create sales and maintain a strong relationship with all accounts.
  • We are committed to the best service to our accounts and utilize
    the latest technologies which include EDI sales and order tracking information.
  • Your product line is not competitive with the other product lines that we now represent.
Please contact us if additional information is required. We welcome your inquiries.

Put 14 Years Of Toy Industry Experience To Work For You!

posted February 1, 2019: Attorney Who Provides Legal Services to the Toy Industry

How do I protect my products from trademark and copyright infringement?
How do I know my interests are being protected when dealing with product licensing?

How do I make sure my agreements are helping to safeguard my business?

Contact: POTTICK LAW, Stephanie Pottick, Esq.

Put Ms. Pottick's 14 years of toy industry experience to work for you!

Providing Legal Services to the Toy Industry
Business Law - Trademark and Copyright Protection - Licensing Agreements

POTTICK LAW...Legal Advice Before You Need a Lawyer™

Stephanie Pottick, Esq., Licensed in NY and CA
Tel: 714.833.2192
PO Box 14457 | Irvine, CA 92623-4457


Attorney Advertising

Professional Toyman Looking for Retail Management or Sales Rep Position

posted January 17, 2018: Professional Toyman Looking for Retail Management or Sales Rep Position: I am in search of either a toy store retail management or sales rep position. My long time toy industry and toy store management background substantiates that I would be a positive addition to your company.

  • A long, productive history in the retail toy business. Ran my family's independent toy store in the San Francisco Bay Area for many years.Was the general manager for an Ace Hardware chain that had one of the largest toy departments in their organization.Have a passion for working with people. Love the creative possibilities that the toy business has to offer. Have made many industry contacts over the years with whom I remain in contact with.
  • And...I am good at what I do!
For more information, or to schedule a meeting, please contact Jonathan Berman:


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