Here's how your company can be featured as
"the Bloom Report's "Company Profile of the Week"

It's easy to become the Bloom Report's "Company Profile of the Week". And not only is it's at no charge!

Usually (for public companies) we get our info from the internet, and supplement that with other info we get from other sources. With privately held companies, we need to rely on them to furnish us with information.

We invite all companies who are a part of our industry (public or private, foreign or domestic) to write themselves up as our "Company Profile of the Week" and submit their profiles either in an email or as a "Word Document attachment to an email". Submit your company profile via an email to:

The profile should follow the same general pattern that our profiles use (see current and past reports for content and format). They should not be written exclusively as a "sales pitch" for your products or your company, but as an "informational and historical write up". While sales and other numbers are always good to include, we don't insist on them for private companies.

We do of course, reserve the right to edit your submission and insert it at our discretion. We look forward to publishing your submission.

If you have any questions, please contact us at: